Marion Sechi

Director & Partner

Chartered Specialist in Accounting and Financial Management
with Federal Diploma of Higher Education.

ExpertSuisse Member as Specialist collaborator

Marion Sechi has been working in accounting for over 10 years. She has specialized in the field of Commodity Trading companies for more than 6 years.

Languages : French, English

Romain Clapier

Certified Public Accountant /
Senior Tax Manager

Certified Public Accountant / Certified Expert ASR No 111407

ExpertSuisse Member

Before obtaining his diploma as a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Expert Auditor, Romain Clapier worked for several years as an accountant and auditor in a local fiduciary and international audit firm. He specialises in Swiss and French tax law.

Languages : French, English

Rachel Ahlin

Junior accountant

Junior Accountant

Rachel is working for the company since May 2017. She obtained her bookkeeping diploma from IFAGE and holds in parallel a degree in Environmental Engineering from HEPIA.

Languages : French, English, German

Irina Caraman

Accounting assistant

Accounting Assistant

Irina joined the company in April 2019. She holds a Master’s degree in Marketing & Business Communication and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the USPEE in Moldova. Before joining Fidpro Swiss, she worked as an accounting assistant in a fiduciary company in Geneva.

Languages : French, English, Russian

Fernanda Machado

Administrative & Corporate

Administrative & Corporate manager

Fernanda joined the company in July 2020.
She obtained her Federal Certificate (CFC) as a commercial employee in dual training in Geneva, in the Service & Administration sector. She did her apprenticeship in the Geneva firm POROT et Partenaire, which mainly deals with career management, business consulting and staff training.
Before joining the team, she was a trainee for one year in a Geneva-based fiduciary.

Languages : French, English, Portuguese, German

Benoît-Erwin Straumann

Accounting assistant

Accounting assistant

Benoît-Erwin joined the company in June 2021. He holds both a Professional Matura (MPC) as well as a Federal Certificate (CFC). In the past, he worked for a fiduciary company based in Geneva.

Benoît-Erwin is also military involved as a Swiss Army officer in the armored troops.

Languages : French, English, German, Swiss German